Kicheche Tented Camp Mara Kenya


Hotel Description:
On your Masai Mara safari our bush hideaway in Kenya welcomes you to a different world, a world centred at the heart of the African wilderness that is Kenya's Masai Mara. A world of majestic animals, dazzling birds, sweeping grass lands, flat-topped trees and breathtaking sunsets. To experience a traditional luxury camp is a must on a Masai Mara safari. Unfenced and secluded in a thicket of Euclea and African Olives, the camp impinges so little on the natural inhabitants of this prolific reserve that your Masai Mara safari is enhanced by the animals that wander through the grounds at any time unperturbed. Staying in a bush camp doesn't mean compromising on comfort, the food and service are first class, as are the warmth and experience of Kicheche's staff making your Masai Mara safari an unforgettable experience.

Hotel Facilities:
Cuisine: Our cooks produce a variety of African and international dishes and special dietary requirements can be catered for. Fresh produce is flown in regularly and bread and pastries are baked daily. The small intimate camp lends itself to communal dining with your hosts, although private dining can be arranged.

Game Drives: Early morning and late afternoon are the most productive hours for game drives and our safari customised 4WD vehicles give everyone a perfect view. Watching wildlife at close range, but without encroaching on their space, is endlessly fascinating and our guides' instincts and experience provide superb photo opportunities of wild animals. Our vehicles are superbly designed for photographers, all our fleet is open-sided with open roofs. Cameras can be rested on the roof, with supplied beanbags, or on the armrests lower down, to which we can mount simple platforms for larger lenses.

Walking: A different perspective is gained through escorted walks on the savannah. Our interpretive guides will point out the spoor of a leopard, the nest of a rare bird or signs of recent migration activity that would pass unnoticed by the eyes of strangers.

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